Lin Media  

Relevant and incisive publications covering the economically active rural
and urban areas within the Limpopo and parts of the Mpumalanga provinces.

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LiN Media is at the heart of the communities, offering fresh media solutions.

  • 9 Newspapers
  • Almost 60 00 copies per week
  • over 400 000 readers

LiN Media's newspapers are different, because their publishers form an integral part of the communities they function in. These newspapers are not "remote controlled" by conglomerates from the big cities, they belong to residents of the communities they serve. This means that the newspapers are always part of the pulse of such communities.

Many newspapers claim the title of "independent", but few of them really are. Within LiN Media we treasure the freedom of choice, freedom of expression and also the freedom of small publishers to voice the opinions, needs and often tragedies of their own communities.

It is this same philosophy that benefits the advertisers. LiN Media's owners will go out of their way to try and give the best advise possible, using their knowledge of the local economy to maximise exposure. Because they care about the people, they also care about the economy.

LiN Media offers a truly "green" solution. It gives advertisers an opportunity to not only make use of an excellent medium, but it also allows them to invest in the health of the community. A community with an own, independent
voice, is a healthy community.





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